The Inclusion


Satadru and Bhagyawati Ray of India adopt an infant, Rishila and succeed in keeping the secret from her for six long years.  But when a mischievous neighbour tells the little girl that she was found on the street, the sensitive parents decide to give up their soil and make a fresh start in Canada.  They enter a new world where no one asks uncomfortable questions and no one knows that Rishila is adopted.  In their adopted land, they fall on their faces.  Many times.  But even with bruised egos, they stand up and march ahead.  And a decade later, the Rays are established as Steve and Baggy Ray – citizens of Canada. 

Now Rishila is a sixteen year old in a hurry.  Juggling school, a million friends and storing a horde of information on what’s in, what’s out – she is an enigma mushrooming every day.  The Rays are enjoying Rishila’s presence in their lives to the hilt when a disturbing documentary on TV rattles their existence.  The subject deals with unpleasant truths some families had concealed from their children.  It gets the Rays pondering.  And the more they think about it, the more convinced they are that it is time for Rishila to confront the truth. 

But how will Rishila react?  Will she want to return to India in search of her biological parents and abandon the souls who have otherwise selflessly loved her?  Or will she truly adopt Steve and Baggy Ray as her very own?






















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