Sam Mukherjee’s third novel, a fantasy titled, PERFECT TANGERINE – THE GIFT OF MIRACLE DALEY was released by Leadstart Publishing, a leading publisher with one of the largest book distribution networks in India in 2014.

Sam’s second novel, a thriller titled, IN THE NAME OF LOVE was released by Inanna Publications in Toronto in 2013.

His first work of fiction, a coming of age novel titled, CHOPPED GREEN CHILLIES IN VANILLA ICE CREAM was released in 2011 by Rupa Publications, another leading publisher in India.

Sam is a Senior Writer at International Press Syndicate and a Contributing Editor of South Asian Outlook in Toronto. He was a Speechwriter and Communication Consultant of Senator the Honourable Asha Seth, Member of the Senate of Canada (Retired now). In India, Sam was a Sub Editor of The Asian Age.

After completing his M.A. in History from Jadavpur University in India, Sam studied Mass Communication at Holmesglen Institute of TAFE in Melbourne, Australia and acquired a Diploma in Screenwriting from Vancouver Film School on a full-time writing scholarship.

Sam has written over 1000 feature articles ranging from personality profiles and human interest stories, trends and in-depth interviews.  Driven by limitless curiosity and a quest to know about everything, popular and arcane, while being receptive to many conflicting views, Sam’s objective is to project distinctive voices through the telling of diverse stories.  He has contributed to several print and online publications in Canada, India and Australia.









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