In the Name of Love




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In Toronto’s most opulent brothel, Paradise, a pimp named Sultan falls in love with a prostitute, Salma.  They are captured trying to escape the brothel and are brought to Nadira, the ruthless owner of Paradise.  She orders Salma to be sold at a flesh fair and Sultan brutally mutilated.

Several years later, Rimana Sen, a young Indian woman, is thrilled to be recruited by a company in Canada and pleased to escape her mother’s expectations of marriage.  On the flight to Canada, she meets Jug Ducati, a young Canadian.  By the time their flight arrives in Toronto, they are well on their way to falling in love.  At the airport, Rimana is whisked away by a couple of shady men, so when Jug does not hear from her, he begins to worry.  He enlists the support of his two best friends, the daredevil Omar Khazana, and the over-cautious movie buff, Mark Willis, and begins to search for her.  They are stunned to discover that Rimana has been sold to a Middle Eastern buyer and are introduced to the sinister underworld of international human trafficking and sexual slavery.

With Nadira’s goons and corrupt police hot on their heels, Jug and his friends realize that their only chance to escape Nadira’s clutches is to seek help from Sultan, her archenemy.  Sultan offers them protection and uses them to trap his nemesis.  But can they survive Nadira’s wrath and cunning, as well as Sultan’s lust for revenge, or will they simply become pawns in another gangster’s world?



















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